Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Yard Work, Grandparents, and little cousin Noah.

I've been doing a lot of yard work these past couple days. On Monday I mowed the yard. It was very dusty. Today I weed eated and trimmed a couple trees. The problem is that I did mess up pretty bad on one of them and that I don't know what my Grandparents will say. Oh yeah, tomorrow our Grandparents are coming home. Yea! I hope they like the yard and all. Well, I'll find out tomorrow. Goodbye!

Oh, I almost forgot about little cousin Noah! Yesterday I got to see Him for the first time! He's so cute. Now I wish that I could have another little brother too. Jonathan is little I guess, but... he's not THAT small anymore (He's gained a few pounds since birth). I sure hope I can see Noah again soon, very soon.
That's all for now! So long everybody!


Aaron Sleadd said...

Hey cool! You do yard work! What do ya think, should we start a yard work business? Let's see, maybe "A 'n' D construction"? oh wait, it couldn't be construction...hmm....oh well.

That's great about your baby cousin, Noah! But ye still ain't an uncle! HARHARHAR! Ye scurvy dawg!

ok, bye!

David's Blog said...

Yeah! We could build tree houses for people maybe and like you said, would be the "A 'n' D Construction inc.". Ha ha!

Ye' r right, I knows that I am's not an uncle yet matey! But the time 'ell come soon enough! With 28 cousins there'll be so many Nieces & Nephews runnin' 'round that I'll most likely f'rget a great many of their names.

The Scurvy Dawg,

Joshua West said...

enough with the fat jokes. jk

T-Bones said...

the only nieces and nephew's you can have will come from your bros and sis's. your cousins kids will be ur 2nd cousins. go to this blog i made for help on puttin the music player on ur blog

thanks for the add dave

Ruth Owen said...

Yeah you guys should make a business lol! Then we could hire you:o) But I herd about Noah! That's awesome I hope to be an aunt soon....But I don't know:o) ~Ruth~


hey i got a blog

David's Blog said...

Yes, I saw that. I'm glad you got one. With blogging everyone can see what everyone else has been doing lately. (That is, if they post every couple days). Oops! I better post something sooner or later today!

Ginger said...

You are such a blessing to your grandparents and cousin to Noah. Miss seeing you. Love Aunt Ginger

Dottie, Grandma Dot or Mom said...


You did an awesome job on the yard and we thank you. You are such a hard worker and very much appreciated. I guess we didn't notice if there was a mess up on the tree. Thanks for all you do.


Grandma Dot