Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Taking Dominion in Gardening. I Love it!

Gardening! Here's something worth posting! You know, I kept seeing Kolten's Blog with his fantastic garden pictures and decided that maybe I should take a few pictures of our garden. (I'm not a great photographer though so don't get your hopes up on that part).

Here we have chili peppers. They're very Hot! Careful now.

Tomato togetherness.

This tomato seems to have grown a face. Ha ha.

Here's another tomato. But it's a little different color.

Cherry tomatoes. I love 'em.
They're almost the same size of the plums (beneath).

Plums. Got thousands of 'em.

Here's a sunflower and a bee. Both are getting lots of sun. Don't you agree? :)

Do you like strawberries! I know some of you do!

Raspberries! Best fruit in the world! No kidding. Deeelicious!

Grapes. Yeah. Oh well.


And of course, a big Pumpkin! (Not for eating though). Just for show.

Let me know how your garden's doing too!
Goodbye for now!



Anonymous said...

Those are great shots of your garden David. I'll tell you about my garden!! It never happened lol. Next year for sure... Hugggs

Ruth Owen said...

Yum.... I love rasberries!! Well it was good to see ya at Creighton's and Tessa's thing.I don't think we'll make it to Karissa's b-day cuz she moved it:( But I hope to see ya soon. Are you guys going to the Scotts party at the beginning of September? Well bye...~Ruth~

Kenny Anderson said...

Nice pictures... I really like the one of your leg. I've never seen such an beautiful leg. Those levis are so blue. Go David! Keep taking dominion and subduing the earth. You are such a good worker... the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.

Kaila Anderson said...

Your garden looks great!
Thanks for making me the cousin of the week :)

Dottie, Grandma Dot or Mom said...


Great pictures of the garden and I loved the comment on Kaila. You two are both great cousins and grandchildren. You are such a hard worker in the garden and the yard. God has given you so many talents. Keep it up. I love hearing you play the piano everyday. You continue to glorify God in the abilities He has given you.


Grandma Dot

T-Bones said...

your garden is nice. nice for me to eat!

Anonymous said...

Nothing like some Manly gardening.

Ginger said...

I am definitely hungry for some fruit and veggies right now. Great pictures. Yummy! Aunt Ginger