Saturday, August 4, 2007

At the park.

Last night we watched the Goldman's play at the park here in Central Point. They did a superb job! It was a lot of Fun! It was fun because after they performed we got to watch a movie.

Here's my sister Abigail with her cousin Mailee playing chess (well... beginning to). We all played many games of chess that night (with my chess board and my cousin Collin's chessboard). Here is mine below.Here is my brother Devin and cousin Ellie playing chess. Chess is probably the number one game that many of us play now (for me at least). I'll have to play YOU some time.

Now here's what a REAL smile looks like!

Yeah! My cousin William will show ya how it's done! Me and my cousin Kaila were having quite the Theological discussion, and I just had to take a quick pic, although Kaila might not be to thrilled about this particular one.

Bottom Line: I had quite a pleasant time and I wish you could of been there too!

Goodnight everyone! I'll be sleeping now. Zzzz, Zzzz, Zzzz


Ruth Owen said...

Looks like alot of fun!~Ruth~

Anonymous said...

You sure took some neat pics David. It is so much fun looking at everyones blog and see what they have added. Great blog!!!

T-Bones said...

thanks for the add!

Luke if you only new the power of the dark side!

Kaila Anderson said...

I told you not to post that pic.

David's Blog said...

Oop's! Sorry!

The Goldman Family said...

I'll play chess with you prince David.


The Goldman Family said...

oops I mean King David