Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Fish Hatchery

Well... you can get as much info as you want on any of these other blogs
or you could just hear what I have to say about. (No obligations).

So, I liked it BECAUSE -
It was a lot of fun being around all my cousins (well most of them, because some live in WA)!
Another reason is because I learned a lot!
And, because I got to see more of God's creation & how majestic is His Name.
And one other thing. And that was seeing all their stuffed animals inside their small building which contained all the fish eggs. By the way, just try and guess how many eggs they had! One word will sum it up. Alot!

Different stages of a fishes life.

Guess what kind of animal the little, I mean middle, one is.

Here we have an osprey.

Here is a cougar. Pretty cool.

But best of ALL...

A rattlesnake!

After we saw all the fish we went inside a huge freezer to cool off (it was where they kept all of the fish food). It was very cool.

Here's a dead fish.

Altogether, it was alot of fun!

I sure hope that you can come next time!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures of your field trip. Sounds like you all had fun. Didn't know you saw stuffed animals to. Thanks again David, they were some really neat shots...

John said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear David,
Happy Birthday to you!

The above song may sound lame, but I did you a BIG favor; you didn't have to hear me sing it! That is the best gift you could get. Trust me. lol

The Sisterhood said...

Happy birthday!


Ginger said...

David happy birthday and I know what a blessing you are. Again great pictures of the field trip. Hey...we have a lot of rattlesnakes here in Arizona...we have to watch out for them when we go hiking on some the mountain trails here. Love you and keep practicing the are awesome at it. Love Aunt Ginger

Anonymous said...

Hi, Happy birthday!!!!
I'm so sorry we didn't make it to your party! I couldn't wait any longer to let you know we care about you and hope you had a really great birthday! we got you a presant so hopefully it will just make your birthday seem longer! You really made my birthday with the note you wrote ..thanks again!
Mrs. Deems

King David said...

Thanks again Natalie, Uncle John, Aunt Ginger, & Mrs. Deems!!!

I'm looking forward to seeing you all again soon!


Ruth Owen said...

HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!! Looks like you had a blast!! By the way..nice picture of the snake! Well ttyl. ~Ruth~