Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dr. Greg Bahnsen

I have been listening to Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen lately as well as reading his book titled "Pushing the Antithesis" which Uncle Kenny told me to get a while back and read. He probably (most definitely) likes Dr. Greg Bahnsen just as much, if not more, than I do. Today I've been listening to Dr. Bahnsen's debate with Dr. Gordon Stein (an atheist) over "Atheism vs. Theism". I'm listening to it right now actually. I'm just finishing it up even though it is pretty late. It's so phenomenally awesome! Dr. Bahnsen uses apologetics so well! I hope that you can listen to it someday soon! If I see you again then maybe I can give you a copy. Well... maybe.


Grandma of Many said...


That is so awesome that you are listening to all these great men and learning so much from them. I like your counsin of the week again. I agree, he is great at practicing that fiddle and it shows. Be sure and go to my new blog at Grandma of Many (grandmaofmany.blogspot)

Grandma Dot

Kenny's Favorite Nephew said...

he sure does have a lot of great sermons

King David said...

You got that right!