Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A dead bird and some other pictures.

This is an unlucky bird that I found. What happened was that I was walking along side my Grandpa outside when something fluttering on the ground caught our gaze. We looked down only to find that a small helpless bird was flapping its wings for the last time. "Sniffle". We stared at the small creature a moment and then it just lay there... motionless. "Sneeze". I picked it up and began walking towards the house. I came in only to find that every one's eye's were suddenly on me (well, my hand anyways). I told them the tragic story and then took a couple pictures for you all to see. Realizing that my mother was waiting for me to come inside so that we could begin school I gave it to the cats to feast on (yes, it is a sad story). They were looking thin and since the bird was not much value for anything else I thought the cats could make some use of it in some way. (I never could find it again).

And so ends the tragic story of the bird that lost its life today. "Sniffle".

Poor Bird."Sniffle"
Here's a picture of the whole garden. My mom wanted me to show how big it was altogether.I had to take two pictures because I couldn't fit it all in one.
I posted this picture of these strawberries on my last post but they looked so good that I thought I'd share it one last time. They look so delicious! Don't they?
An apple that I am looking forward to eating. (Some day).

Hey Alexa, look at this picture! It's not much competition to your fantastic pictures but it is fairly descent.
A picture of one of our many cats. Could be target practice some day.

(Although, we have had her for about 3 years now so it'll probably never happen so there's really nothing to worry about). Ok? Ok.More flowers.
A little blurry.

So wherever you are...
Good morning! Good evening! Good afternoon! And Goodnight!



The Goldman Family said...

Oh David you are something else! The pictures were great...but yes no match for Alexa's....her pic's where so good. The cat one "watch it"...hey make the whole world cry....she is a cutie and NOT to be shot.
Did you hear we have 15 new Guinea "keets" now? Want one? Free ask grandpa Ken OK
See you later, I love you, great put my mine to shame!!!!

Ruth Owen said...

That's sad :o( When bird around our house die we dig um a little grave in our animal graveyard lol. We have like 3 birds 1 squirel...and our dog Moses:o( But you should start one it's kinda fun. Better than savagely feeding them to the cat! jk ;o)
Well nice picture of you cat I like it Oh and the one of the yellow flowers:o) Did you take those?~Ruth~

Anonymous said...

Hi David, Nice story and truly was sad. I would have buried the bird myself. I couldn't stand to watch the cats eat it. Your garden pics were great and I can see you take pride in caring for that nice piece of land. A pat on your back and Ken for a job done well...


Your Sagacious Friend said...

Yes Ruth I did take ALL the pictures myself. Well... it was with my Grandpa's camera and that's why they were so clear.
Goodbye for now!

John said...

Hi David: Nice pictures. You and Devin can really take some good pictures. I really like your blog. I need to do some of the stuff you do. makes it interesting! Keep it up.

Kaila Anderson said...

That's awful, feeding it to the cats like that :(

Lucy said... it just me, or did you grow a lot since I last checked out your blog?

You don't know me. You were a fork in the road along the blogroll path. (If that makes any sense) I clicked a link, which brought me to another, etc. I think it was from your cousin of the week's blog.

But, seriously---Is it really just me? I remember a skinny kid who looked not a day over 11.

I know this a lot coming from a stranger...but I guess not a total stranger. I know Natalie Emmons.

Oh well! See ya'.

Destiny said...

Hi, this is David's sister, Destiny. I was just wondering how you met the Emmons. We've known them for about a year now. And, we haven't ever met you before have we? Oh, and do you live here in Oregon? Okay, you should check out my blog. Talk to ya later:)

Kenny's Favorite Nephew said...

you should be a photographer


fiddle fool of afriend said...

I'm practically in tears, sniffle/sob. (actually I think you should have the feet and wings off and kept them. I like to do that with our chickens.

Lucy said...

I Know them from the Rebelution. We're part of the forums, there. She noticed that I lived in Oregon, as did she, so she PM me and we corresponded!

I have not met any one of you in *person* But I would like to meet up with the Emmons girls...there aren't any homeschooled girls my age where I live. (I'll be seventeen next month)

Sorry if I kinda scared David...just a little curious. ;)

Lucy said...

Actually I thought it was funny...I have a little brother around your age and he did a freakishly large amount of growing inside a three month time span. My best friend called my house and thought my 'little' brother was 'some strange guy' that was at my a boyfriend. :P

Anonymous said...

That shure is sad david.

Anonymous said...

My cat is shure cute hehe.

Dottie, Grandma Dot or Mom said...


Your Grandma loves the writing of the story but not the part of giving it to the cats. Next time bury it. We can give the kittens more food.


Grandma Dot

photofanatic said...

I love the clarity of the cat picture! That's sooo cool!

Ginger said...

What a sad birdy tale...go to my blog for a happy bird story "Grin". Love your pictures and yes...they are very good and soothing to the eye.