Monday, June 2, 2008

Of Singing...

OK, so what do I post about?


Oh yes. Well, I like to sing.

Actually, let me make that clearer.

I like to sing but others don't like it when I sing. But...really it depends on what I sing. Of course...Even if I sing a song when I do, the one who's listening must enjoy it too.

You see, someone might like the song that I sing but not like how I sing it. Others might like how I sing the song but not like the song themselves. You now can see that it is very hard! to please everyone. In fact... It's impossible!

One more thing to add is that even if they do like the song & how I sung it, they might not like the time that I chose to sing that song at!

Life is full of obstacles but we just gotta' keep on movin' forward.

See ya around.

P.S. Do you LIKE to sing?


!*\--Kaleb--/*! said...

i like singing too, but don't tell anyone I said so, and totally agree with your post and how you can't please everyone.

Grandma of Many said...

Well I want to tell you both to keep singing and practicing. If you love to sing and you continue to practice, you will both be awesome. I think you already are. Keep up your voice lessons though, both of you. Love, Grandma Dot

Destiny Jane said...

Yea... I like to sing... I guess:) And... not everybody (even sometimes myself) likes it:D


Ginger said...

Yes...I love to sing too but agree..not everyone may want to hear me "Grin". Love your posts David..they are always cleverly written. Love you. Aunt Ginger