Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Dog & Cat Poll

Vote on the poll to the right if you would please. I sure would appreciate it. I can't figure out which animal is better and so I did a poll to get some numbers of different people. If you have or are voting than leave a comment to show who you are. I doubt this will work very well but a few are better than nobody right?


The Goldman Family said...

Dogs are the know Man's best friend!! But what are other people voting on in the "OTHER" 4%??? Should the others fess up?? David can we ask the question what does the "other" mean?? It kills me to know!
Can't wait to hear you on Sunday play the are AMAZING!!

William said...

o.k. I voted for other, the reason is that it is better not to have a pet or things in the house,and you save money instead of spending it on pets or things.

Ginger said...

I voted for dogs...I love dogs but I do like cats too. Your cousin, Joshua would probably vote for other...since he owns and raises Sugar Gliders. Love Aunt Ginger