Saturday, February 23, 2008

Jonathan (The Strong One)

I was working on a speech when Jonathan (my little brother) came in and got a blanket to keep warm I guess. Anyway, I just thought he looked so cute carrying this big load with his little body wavering underneath. Be sure to comment. :)


Grandma of Many said...

David, That is so cute. Boy, Jonathan is stronger than I thought. Maybe he can carry things for me from now on. Love you and miss you all. I will be home for a couple of hours tomorrow and than will be flying out to Tennessee, Louisianna and Arkansas. Grandma Dot

John said...

That was cool. The floor of your house was very interesting!

Ginger said...

Yes....Jonathan is one strong boy...I bet Ken will be signing him up for the Iron Man magazine and competitions. What do you think Jodi? "Grin" Cute post David.