Friday, February 22, 2008

Chess Tournament!

Yes, there is a chess tournament that is going on today and tomorrow which is being held in Roseburg OR and I get to go! It'll be lots of fun! I get to go with my cousin Kolten Anderson and his Dad (my uncle) Kenny Anderson, along with my uncle Steve Goldman and my brother Devin. Oh, and some of the members in the chess club I attend, will also be coming. You see, it's a Team Competition. I just can't wait to get there and start playing some tough competitors ;)

Anyway, if you don't like chess than Join Up Soon! I'm just kiddin'. You don't Have to but if you decided to than grab a chess book or video (at your local library) and begin to see how the pieces move and start playing someone who has been playing longer than you have and ask them for some pointers. (That was a long sentence). So just be humble and ask. That's how I got started. I startd asking my uncle Steve (mentioned above) and gradually became better and better (although I am far from being "the Best"). But really, chess is a very fascinating game and it offers much. I have learned how to become smarter and more logical through it.

One more thing... Tournaments! Yes, tournaments. They are really fun too (especially for those who like to compete). For those of you who go to speech tournamets (including myself), this will be easy to adapt into because it's just like speech only you don't speak. You sit. You play. You win. Or lose. That reminds me... If I lose (which I usually do) than I know I am not "the Best" and there is more competition. It keeps me humble you could say. And if I win... Well... I win.
It's all for the Glory of God!


Anonymous said...

Good luck at the tournament David.


drew said...

Well, have fun, and good luck!

Destiny Jane said...

I hope you have fun bro! I will miss you a lot... haha:D Good Luck and God bless!


Grandma of Many said...

Well, David, you did win 1st last time and that is one reason you are going to this one. In fact, I just heard that all three (five counting the team) all won the first round in Roseburg. Congratulations and keep it up. You're right, humility is good and being a great sport if you win or lose is important. Just keep everything you do for the glory of God and you will be fine. I miss you. Everything here in WA is going great. Love, Grandma Dot