Thursday, May 3, 2007

Truck Art

You don't see these Trucks on the highway much!
This one's carrying an aquarium.

Here's a library on the road.
It was too hot I guess.Drinking & Driving don't mix.That's Just Weird.I like this one a lot!
It's very Creative. Pretty Cool.


Kaila Anderson said...

Those are cool David

David's Blog said...

Yes, it tis, tis.

Lauren Reavely said...

Hey, I got your comment on my blog. Cool to here from you again.
Those were some really cool trucks!

David's Blog said...


Anonymous said...

i saw one of those on a road trip.........there really cool man:)

Nathan said...

Those are all made from the same photo. Someone had fun with Photoshop. :-)

Destiny Kruse said...

Nathan did you have to point that out. HAHAHA!!!!!!!!