Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blog once forgotten...

Yes. I have officially forgotten my blog for some time now. I'm going to try and make it up to my blog by posting on it every day now. It will be glad to know I still care about it. In fact, here's a short poem that I will dedicate to my blog:

Oh sweet & precious blog!
Of mine so long yet so dear.
How wilt I ever truly hog
Another blog so near?

Of joy and of pain have I written on,
Years of service hast thou given.
Now I thank thee once again
For this post to have posted on.

This poem may not satisfy,
The goodness thou hast shown me.
But ever more shalt I be grateful
For a blog to write hello...goodbye.


Quinton said...

I am officially humored, David. =) =) =)

David Kruse said...

Is that an official comment then?

Jopics said...

You make me smile David. Oh, and I'm sure you just made your blog smile too. Did you write the poem?

David Kruse said...

Yes. I did Olivia. I wrote the poem.

Jopics said...

Oh well, that was very good. :D

AJ Strom said...

Very good for remembering your blog. It has been lonely.