Saturday, March 7, 2009

Random Stuff for A Random Post

People often say, "You crack me up. ha ha." And yet they fail to mention what bone cracked.

I really want to read a good book on procrastination but can't seem to get to it.

Don't get VCR and CPR confused because when someone's having a heart attack, the last thing they want is you handing them an appliance.

I bought some powdered water and didn't really know what to add.

Would people think you weird if your name was Fuzzy Goat?

If you went bowling would you use your ice cream bowl or your cereal bowl to win the game?

The Astronaut asks a man arrogantly, "How many times have you walked on the moon?" The man replies, "But I'm crippled."


Jodi Kruse said...

Very Funny!!!

Anonymous said...

That is funny. Another thing about being cracked up is they never tell you how many pieces they are in.


David Kruse said...

Good one! That's true Jesse

Anonymous said...

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