Sunday, December 2, 2007

So, What Have I Been Up Too???

Well let me tell ya!

First of all, I've been doing Omnibus with some of my cousin's and Uncle (teacher). Also, I've been trying to do apologetics when there's time (although that should be first). And I have been trying to listen to my iPod more. Working outside is something else. And... piano along with lessons from Alex on the mandoline. Hmmm... What else... Ah! I know! Writing class. I still gotta do the homework for that. Laundry for family is another thing. And of course, I have to find time to eat something here and there if ya know what I mean! Ha! Sooo... I will see you at Speech Club or somewhere else in the world at one point or another. Oh! Yes, I have to work on my duo that I'm doing with Kaila. That is a tough one. Okay... Goodbye Now.


Grandma of Many said...

You are one busy boy David. I am proud of all that you accomplish. Keep up the good work and don't be too weighted down. You are amazing.
Love, Grandma Dot

Ruth Owen said...

You sound super busy!! Just like me lol. Actually I'm not as busy probably. But still it feels like it :o) Well cya! ~Ruth~

The Goldman Family said...

David keep up the good work you are doing and the music and of course all the other stuff. Getting closer in your walk with Christ is "the best" You are one very awesome young man!
Love ya
Aunt Tami

Ginger said...

So busy you have to find time to that is what I call a working boy! "Grin" Can't wait to hear more of what you have on your plate....WOW....I mean what you are doing "Grin"

Aaron Sleadd said...

Hey David!
It was fun seeing you tonight! But I didn't get to see your duo!

Your gonna have to do it next Tuesday. Better be ready...too...cuz I'm going to make you do it! Mwahaha!

K, bye!