Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Book-Report on "The White Dove"

I just read "The White Dove" which is a Lamplighter publication of this old book. It was really fascinating. In fact, I couldn't take my eyes off of it & read it straight through. Have you ever done that? Well this was my first time and it feels really satisfying to finish a book. You see, uncle Kenny always teases me for beginning a book & not finishing it. (I usually only get about halfway) Alright, enough of that, I'll just begin writing about the book now :)

The "White Dove" begins with a knight named Theobald who lives in the castle of Falkenbourg (now there's a hard name to pronounce) with his wife Othilia and his only child, Agnes, about eight years of age. They had lived happily for many years until the incident which I will describe. It began when Othilia & her daughter were sitting in a garden one fine day and then suddenly a small white dove flew in as if terrified. Well they ended up keeping the small bird and eventually tamed it so well that it would come to little Agnes whenever it was called. Agnes was delighted with her loyal companion and the two became fast friends. Then one day a widow, by the name of Rosalind, came to the castle with her daughter Emma in great distress. She told Theobald of how some cruel men were threatening to take her estates. Theobald drove them away. While he was gone, Emma & Agnes had the most joyful times. Theobald returned and told Rosalind that her foes had renounced their claims and would not come near her again. Rosalind was overjoyed at the news and thanked the knight greatly. Unfortunately Emma and Agnes were weeping bitterly and had it the hardest when parting. So that Emma would not forget her, Agnes gave her the white dove as a token. Some time after their parting, two pilgrims came to the castle where Rosalind & her daughter resided. They told of their journeys and how they were traveling home from the holy lands. Upon leaving the next day, both inquired of the mistress as to if she knew the knight Theobald & where he lived. She told them & they left for Falkenbourg. To help show them the way, she sent with them one of her servants. Interestingly, both of the pilgrims began conversing in Italian thinking that the boy only knew the German language. But it was not so. He himself was Italian and had been taken in by his mistress's husband before his death. Although he knew German well, he remembered his native tongue and understood what they were saying. Upon hearing their conversation, the boy was terrified and knew he must return and tell his mistress. You see, they were plotting to kill Theobald and massacre his castle. (This is why I couldn't stop reading it) Anyway, I think I'll let you finish the book and I'll finish this post with a happy, cute, short & sweet Goodbye.

P.S. - I think it's a great book!


Jodi Kruse said...

So that's why you wouldn't put the book down last night. Sounds fascinating. Thanks for sharing your excitement and love for reading. It is inspiring.

Love you,


Kenny Anderson said...

Awesome! We take a break from school and you still keep on reading. You are going to make a great leader. Leaders are readers. Keep it up!

Alexa Sleadd said...

aargh! I'm tormented! Could you lend me the book?

Lauren Reavely said...

Hey David,
So, you're doing a duo and Apologetics? Are up to any other speech categories? I'm doing Team Policy, Apologetics, and probably Impromptu this year. It's definitely keeping me on my toes. ;)
I too just finished a book, from Omnibus actually, and I feel FREE! I really enjoyed my time off, but alas, we are now on another book... and even more boring this time. :)
Are you planning on coming up to the Rainmakers tourney in March? I'm hoping to go down to the Medford tournament this year... especially since you guys are doing debate.
ok, I guess this is a long enough comment now. :)

-lauren reavely

(btw, I was just reading through really old posts on my blog and I hit your comment...)

Grandma of Many said...

Thanks David for telling us about your book you read. I just saw Karissa give that as her speech this week. You both read the same book. Keep reading and I will look forward to seeing Karissa finish her speech and performing it on this book. Love, Grandma Dot

Ginger said...

I love to read too and probably am never without some kind of book in my hand "Grin". Good post David and continue to read and learn. Wish I could hear your speeches too. Next time we are in Oregon be prepared to perform old and new...I have a lot to catch up on. Love you. Aunt ginger