Monday, October 8, 2007

A (Just for Fun) Post!

I just trimmed Winnie again because he was starting to get a little long around the edges.
Well, maybe it was growing on top some too :-)
Who's he looking at?
He wanted it like Grandpa Great so that's what I did.
Here's a picture of Grandpa. He was the best ever!
I hope I can lead a life just like him, that is pleasing to God.


Ginger said...

David...David...David....that was the most clever post of ALL time! Grandpa Great was the best and I am sure Winnie wanted to look just like him. You PUT a GREAT big SMILE on my face with this post. Love you so much and thanks for sharing.

The Goldman Family said...

Very cute David! Winnie is a handsome thing. Have to say that Grandpa Great's hair style looks super on him too, better then the before picture. What a great role model for Winnie. Ha! Grandpa Great was the BEST! Love ya and like Ginger said it was a great post, very clever.

Grandma of Many said...

David thanks for the post. I really wanted to see Winnie's new hair cut but didn't expect to see your Grandpa Great's hair cut. I must admit it made me cry and laugh. He would have really loved this post. You will lead a life just like him and be pleasing to God. Keep studying His Word and applying it.


Grandma Dot

VICKIE said...

That was a really smart post and look how much Winnie does look like Grandpa except Grandpa never stuck out his tongue lol. Grandpas hair grew fast to when he would get his flat top lol.