Saturday, October 20, 2007

Todays Journeys...

Fall -
-Cool Picture
-Another Cool Picture
-And Yet Another Cool Picture
- A leaf
- Moss

Siblings -




Kitten's -

- Black Beauty

The Whole Kitten Caboodle!


VICKIE said...

David I really like your pictures. You are really getting good and such varity. Great post....

Destiny Jane said...

Cute pics bro:)

John said...

Great pictures. And you caught Emma doing what she does best...sitting! LOL Love your "leaves" pictures.

The Goldman Family said...

Very pretty pictures. I love the kitty's. Wish I could have one. That is an awesome camera and you are putting it to good use.
Love ya

Ruth Owen said...

AWWW...those kittens are so adorable! And once again you ARE good a photography :o)Well see ya at speech. ~Ruth~
P.s. check out my blog I updated it twice!

Ginger said...

David you are becoming quite the photographer. I really enjoy seeing all your pictures through your eyes! Wow...some really nice pictures.

Anonymous said...

My cats sure are cute. No. HeeHee. Well they are cute.