Friday, April 6, 2007

My Life

Today I planted lettuce in a garden which I share with my Grandpa. A while later my uncle Kenny came over and set this blog up for me. Some of my interests are piano, gardening, computers and technology, riding my cousins quad, being strong and healthy, playing with my younger siblings, working for my grandparents, and cracking bull whips so loud that I can't hear for a few seconds.


Kaila Anderson said...

Great Blog David!
Can't wait till you get going. Its so cool that you have one.
Keep posting :)

Natalie said...

Hi David, great blog! We're going to have fun reading it! I'm glad you started one. Thanks for the birthday letter and the piano necklace. I really like it! See you on Tuesday at speech club!

The Sisterhood said...

Yeah for David! You have a blog now! Congrats.

Write more soon.
God bless,

Miss Carmaan said...

Hi, David! Wow, imagine my suprise when Karissa and Kaila told me you were now hosting a blog site, too. It's so neat to see! Check out mine, won't you?
It was fun to say "hi" on the phone, yesterday. I haven't heard your voice in quite awhile. I miss it.
It's nice to hear how're you're doing and what you're doing. The garden (with your Grandpa Ken) sounds really great! Keep it up!
~ hugs ~
Aunt Carmaan

Kolten Anderson said...

Hey David,
I think it's so neat that you got a blog and I hope you keep posting stuff. I can't wait to see you at church tomarrow.