Monday, April 6, 2009

Good Morning...or...Good Evening?

It's 1:00 AM as I post this. I am going to sleep now. (Do I sound like Victoria E. or what?)

You probably don't care that I am very tired. It's my fault really. I should get up EARLY and go to bed EARLY. (If you know what mean)

So tomorrow I'll get up early and have a full day. After all, today is all that we have. We can't be sure of tomorrow and yesterday is behind us. Keep this in mind. Don't push stuff aside that you can accomplish today. We feel proud of ourselves and have more self esteem when we finish what we've started.

This past week, I have been faithfully reading my Bible every morning. It has been so good for me. I would encourage you to do the same.

Well I better hit the hay...Nighty-Night..

:) In Christ,


Grandma of Many said...

Amen to that David. I would try to get more sleep and I am proud that you are reading your Bible daily. You made me stop and think about today vs. tomorrow. Thanks for your post. Love, Grandma Dot

Anna Louise Goldman said...

I like how you say at the end "In Christ". And that's true I have been trying to read my Bible every day to. I am in Matt.
You are right it helps a lot.