Monday, February 9, 2009

Dear You...

This is something I made up a while back. It's supposed to be funny. So laugh a lot! Ha ha. It's called "Dear You." Maybe I'll write a song about it some day. The original paper is below.

Dear You,
I am entirely indifferent as to what you may suppose of this short epistle that I have undertaken in such considerable haste. You are the primary purpose of this engagement at present. Time does not allow me to fully express the intentions of my distressed being but I hope to convey one final and substantial thought. In this proposition, I ask that you fulfill a small favor for my ecstasy and happiness. Go ahead and give a hug to a friend, buddy, or possibly an old chum of yours, sometime presently. I sincerely thank you from the very bottom of my soul and pray that you finish your homework and whatever else is dear to you after having achieved the chore aforementioned. Have a truly terrific and solely stupendous day!
Yours Alone,


Grandma of Many said...

That is great David! Here is your huggggggggggg! I thought it was Alex writing at first. You are just as clever as he is. Keep it up. Grandma Dot

lady greenleaf said...

Heheh, very nice. :)