Thursday, January 15, 2009


Speech club was great. I did an apologetic card for Mr. McMurray and he really helped me understand what I probably should do and say when giving one. I also did impromptu while I was there. That was fun. Victoria is an awesome coach. Then, outside, I did a duo with my sister, Emma. We've changed it a bit since then but I think it's for the better. Aaron really helped with it. You're such a great guy, Aaron! Thanks a lot!

I can't wait till next week. That's the BIG speech & debate tournament for Medford. It's going to be wonderful. I hope I'll see many of you all there. If not, then some other time.
Oh, and I also got a haircut. It's a little shorter than the hair on my profile picture. So, yeah. Lots of stuff is happening and I actually have (or get) to go to singing class tonight. Hopefully I'll be able to carry a tune soon...

Bye Now!

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Grandma of Many said...

David - thanks for the post. You will do awesome at the speech tournament. Keep memorizing and putting everything you have into them. You will be a great singer but keep practicing. Everything comes with practice. Your haircut looks great. Love, Grandma Dot