Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Books for Young Men

Books are needed terribly
In every man's younger days.
I find it quite extremely important
In, well, actually several ways.

First and foremost,
It increases character.
If you have none, well,
You'll have it when mature.

It doth also strengthen and help
Our weak & troubled vocabulary.
Seeing as how we're not the brightest,
Nor smartest, when we but only query.

And yet another thing I do know
It doth enhance.
Our intellect! 'Tis true.
Ha! Is it not somewhat new?!

Yes, indeed books are wonderful,
But are they good? Do they teach love?
Well, depending on the book that you buy,
I wouldn't plan on the behavior said above.

~David Kruse

1 comment:

Grandma of Many said...

Thanks for the post David. Books are so important but I agree they can be books to ruin your character or build your character and the great book ever is the Bible. Love ya, Grandma Dot