Saturday, May 17, 2008

It is very hot.

Today it is scorching outside. It is ulmost boiling. It's crazy! I just want a pool. I am hot and I want a pool. That's how I'm feeling right now.


Ruth Owen said...

I'm with ya on that...IT'S SO HOT!!!!
"I'm melting!!!"

Grandma of Many said...

David, Don't worry - it is going to cool down soon. It was hot here in Spokane too. Probably not as hot as there but still hit 95. I miss you guys and stay cool!!! Grandma Dot

John said...

Oh come on. You don't know what hot is!!!!! Come and live down here for a week. It's going to be 107 or hotter tomorrow. We may have to take our winter coats off! LOL Your Phoenix Uncle

Aaron Sleadd said...

Hey dude, long time no see!

I hope you cool off soon. :D Maybe you'll have to come over to swim in our pool.

See ya!

Ginger said...

If you want Hot....come to Arizona "Grin" and we will give you lots of sunshine and heat. Believe will head right on back up to Oregon to cool down. Enjoy the pool! Love you Aunt Ginger