Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Some Pictures...

This is Winnie. He's doing swell.
This word Digression explains Herodotus (a man who wrote a book called the "Histories" which me and some of my cousins are reading for school)
very well because he goes off on so many rabbit trails all throughout his work.
Jared's birthday was last week and here's a picture of him goofing off.
We went to a chess club last week and I played Ellie. She sure is getting good!
Here's Kolten, Collin, Matthew, & Alex playing intense games.
I sure hope some of us can go to the upcoming tournament!


Kaleb said...

beautiful pictures... sniff... just beautiful

drew said...

I agree....sniff....with kaleb, they are beautiful pics. Any way, how are you? I havn't talked to ya since the tournament. Where are you guys having the chess club? Maybe ill come and hand out.
life is short,
drew jordan

The Goldman Family said...

I will absolutely confer with you concerning Herodotus..."screech of terror"!