Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jonathan in the Tree

Jonathan climbed this gigantic oak tree that was over 9 Feet Tall!
(Well, maybe not 9 ft, perhaps 7 1/2 ft and not an oak, or is it)?
But anyhow it's okay, he was only on a branch that was a couple ft off of the ground.
It just looks high up! :D







Devin said...

Those are so funny it’s too bad he fell out of the tree why did you not post saying that. Just kidding.

Talk to you latter bro


John said...

You are funny. I hope you write some funny stuff in your writing class. And then post it or send it to me in an email. Would love to see it.

Anonymous said...

Those are just to funny David and what great shots. Jonathan is such a handsome little boy even when he is being funny. Thanks for posting them and making me laugh.

Ruth Owen said...

I love the last picture lol. Very "Original" ;o) that's not and oak. I think it's some kind of maple. ~Ruth~

Ruth Owen said...

I know you wern't asking but I just had to say that. And I know you know that lol. ~Ruth~

Emma Kruse said...

He is just to cute!!!!

Ginger said...

Yep...those deer better watch out when Jonathan gets older...he will be coming after them in his camo outfit and tricky tree climbing techniques to surprise them "Grin". Or, he may just like climbing trees.